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“Minorías” is inspired by the struggle of all immigrants, especially from Central America and Mexico, who leave their homes in search of the ‘American Dream,’ at any cost. It is a special dedication to Claudia Gomez, a young woman from Guatemala who was murdered by a Border Patrol Ranger in Texas last year on May 23. She left her village on a journey with no return, her intention was to meet her boyfriend in Virginia, to find work to be able to pay for her university and return to her beloved Guatemaya. Instead, the only thing she gained was a shot in the head that ended her life…

“Minorías” is a tribute to all of those families who have suffered, who have been separated from their children and incarcerated, and to the many who lost their lives while in search of a better life and survival.
Le dicen Minorias They call them Minorities
Los que cruzaron mares, Traveling across the seas
Desiertos y montañas, Deserts and mountains
Muchas adversidades. So many adversities.

Le dicen Minoria, They call them minority
Aquí son mayoría, Here they are majority
El sueño Americano, The American Dream
La ruina de sus vidas. The end of their lives.

Yo no sé porque la vida fue tan cruel, I don’t know why life was so cruel
Porque allí dejo todo su corazón, Cuz there she left her heart
Su amor, su amor, Her love, her love
Mi amor, mi amor. My love, my love.

Policía mata ey Policeman kills ey
El coyote canta ey The coyote snitches ey
La mara te espera allí escondida por la vía del tren The gang waits for you, hidden by the railway
Dime tu y ahora que donde no vamo escode Tell me you, now what? Where are we gonna hide?
Donde quiera que yo valla todos me quieren jode Wherever I go, they want to screw me over
El gobierno mata ey Government kills ey
La migra te atrapa ey Immigration traps you ey
Que se quema la candela y miro nada con su ley The candle is burning out,I see nothing with their law
Dime tu y ahora que donde no vamoa mete Tell me you, now what? Where we gonna go?
Babilonia persiguiendo mientras yo me hecho a corre Babylon is chasing while I run away
La familia llora ey The family is crying ey
No la encuentran in L.A. The can’t find her in L.A.
Nunca la vuelven a ver They never see her again
Dime tu y ahora que quien nos manda pa’ come Tell me you, now what? who will send us money to eat
Clandestina 20 años y con gana de volve She was ilegal,20 years old, wanting to go back home
Y con ganas de volve…Wanting to go back home
released April 5, 2019
Written and arranged by Juan Manuel Martinez
Published by Stonetree Music / 2019 All rights reserved

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