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Mazlum by Ali Kuru

Sol Selectas presents “Mazlum” by Turkish artist Ali Kuru, which features 2 original tracks and a remix by Satori.

Ali Kuru has a unique sound quality which perfectly combines raw analog instrumentation, with modern electronica, without sounding too polished, nor too forced. “Mazlum” begins with soothing wind instruments which lure us into another dimension of chirping birds, a funky bass line, and tribal drums. Suddenly the medicine takes hold, and we are twirling into a psychedelic state which borders on madness, but opens our third eye. The trip climaxes with acid guitar licks, and then the groove takes hold of us again, and the insanity begins to simmer, slowly taking us back to earth.

For the remix of “Mazlum” we are very excited to welcome back Netherlands artist Satori. – whose remix of “Syria” released on Sol Selectas 3 years ago, is now considered a classic of the desert tribal genre. For this remix he does not disappoint, focusing on the trippy analog strings, and expanding them to create immeasurable excitement on the dance floor. As he filters the sounds in and out, he adds his own vocals and new guitar licks. The string parts add a distinct middle eastern vibe, but maintain the raw quality of the original tune.

“Donuk” sounds like a Turkish psych band suddenly discovered 90s Chicago house.
Long cello notes, tribal layers, trumpets, and oud licks all combine with sounds of a jungle safari, to create a truly psychedelic adventure. The distorted vocals guide us to the furthest recesses of our minds, while the groovy bass line keeps your hips moving uncontrollably.

The artwork by Helia Jamali takes us deep into a mystical valley of cosmic delights and eclipsed totalities, where your primal emotions rise up to the surface, and guide your path.
released October 28, 2019