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Mamazonia : Odes to the Forest – Vol​.​1 by voodoohop

Sometimes it takes something as tragic and catastrophic as photos of the majestic, beautiful Amazon on fire to shock the world into action.

Like many we have all been asking ourselves, what can we do? What difference can any of us make up against a government in bed with some of the country’s most powerful businessmen, set on destroying one of the most incredible, biodiverse and important natural wonders on our planet for greed, quick money and self-interest?

In collaboration with Shika-Shika & Tropical Twista Records, this compilation is our way, as artists, of honouring and supporting those who are the brave guardians of the Amazon.

With the help of our friends in Brazil we have identified two organisations working with indigenous communities, the front line defenders of the Amazon. All the proceeds from these two compilations will go to:…/povos-indigenas-2/

A compilation isn’t going to solve a challenge of this magnitude and this is a short-term action. May this tragic moment be a… more
released September 17, 2019