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Maleducada by Dat Garcia


Dat Garcia presents Maleducada

A voice emerges, materializing, curing. Analog feelings, ancestral glitch.

Along the sun’s cosmic belt, the renewal of Argentine folktronics takes another twist: the movement – regional, continental and global – has emerged with a strong female presence in the Buenos Aires scene. Enter Dat García, one of the freshest and most captivating female artists out there right now. ZZK Records welcomes her to the family and invites you to listen to her 1st album, Maleducada (Un or poorly educated).

Maleducada is Dat’s way of expressing and exorcizing through song the bad emotional upbringing common among so many young people of her generation, the children of adults censored during the tough times of 1980s Argentina, when the military dictatorship silenced, oppressed and even murdered many of those dedicated to artistic or political expression. While women were brought up to be respectable housewives and good mothers, the youth of an empowered generation was born alongside democracy and today they walk the streets of Buenos Aires.

Dat is one of the spokeswomen and storytellers of the… more

released April 28, 2017