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Lluvia by Daniel Haaksman, Çantamarta

Çantamarta is an emerging group comprised of three members: two Andalusians and a Colombian-Venezuelan. Their releases link genres like r n´b, neo-soul and hip hop with the influence of rhythms and cultural elements from Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Lluvia” serves as an ode to the “contrapunteo” battles in the Venezuelan-Colombian “Llanos” and its influence in Latinamerican hip hop. The song also includes Caribbean references such as ‘Curura’ by colombian folk singer Totó La Momposina, famous Venezuelan slang ‘Don’t do the Willie Mays’ and rush hours in Caracas’ subway stations.

Originally released in spring 2020, Daniel picked up the original, folky version for his radio DJ sets, but soon decided to rework the track in more uptempo fashion, added some synths and a bossa meets rasteirinha riddim and ready was another club- and radio friendly Daniel Haaksman rework!
released September 2, 2020