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Janax Pacha & Cyma – Yokha EP [Folktronica | Organic House] (ft. Uji, Rodrigo Gallardo & Hajna)

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00:00 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Pájaro Toh feat. Corina Lawrence
05:20 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Yokha
09:50 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Kukul Balam
14:20 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Yokha (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)
19:34 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Kukul Balam (Hajna Remix)
25:20 Cyma, Janax Pacha – Pájaro Toh (UJI Remix) feat. Corina Lawrence

From a mysterious place in the Mesoamerican jungle we have found a treasure, a mystical object called Yokha. If you are ready to see it, it’s a treasure that we will share with you today, come with us…

Yokha is a journey into the depths of the jungle, an invitation to a secret ritual. A spiritual union of energies between two souls connected through artistic creation. Conceived by Cyma and Janax Pacha, two sound artisans from South America who on this occasion immerse us in the rhythms of dances and melodic textures that, suspended like lianas, they dialogue harmoniously between the heat of the fire and the mysterious gazes of the jungle.

As one of the stellar releases of Cosmovision Records this year, a collaboration full of magic and colors. All this accompanied by 3 stars of folktronica and downtempo music such as Rodrigo Gallardo, Uji and our house artist Hajna, forming an EP full of life and nature elements that shine on its own.

The download is free in “pay what you can” mode on Bandcamp plus available as well in all platforms.