i.am.Nãda ft. Dominique Zuniga & Hernán Suárez live at Tulum, Mexico for Cafe De Anatolia

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➤ i.am.Nãda ft. Dominique Zuniga & Hernán Suárez live at Tulum, Mexico for Cafe De Anatolia

i.am.nãda is a Tulum based artist that combines world sounds with his interest in the alchemy of energy and frequencies. For this Tulum sunset, featuring Dominique Zuniga and Hernán Suárez, i.am.nãda presents us with a magical music journey which takes us into far away lands on the sound of ancient sacred instruments. True to his essence the hypnotic and sexy beats keep our bodies moving as our souls reach out to the stars…


1. Elias Fassos & RisK – Sunset in Ayia Napa [cafe de anatolia]
2. Alex Doering – Mudança [cafe de anatolia]
3. ANMA – GrandMa [cafe de anatolia]
4. ARANAVA – Lush [cafe de anatolia]
5. Halia – Maneli [cafe de anatolia]
6. Lev Tatarov & Sinai – Shankar [pipe & pochet]
7. Rasi Z – Kohan May [unreleased]
8. Rialians on Earth – Sante [cafe de anatolia]
9. Tebra – Magla [8cell studio]
10. Mynox & Vander – Petite Fleur (Joep Mencke remix) [art vibes music]
11. Andrew Polls & David Audet – Dime [cafe de anatolia]


➤ i.am.nãda // DJ
☛ Youtube [https://bit.ly/3PINJxs]
☛ Soundcloud [https://bit.ly/3JcdrrO]
☛ Instagram [https://bit.ly/3zgtZu6]

➤ Dominique Zuniga // Dancer & Vocals
☛ Instagram [https://bit.ly/3JjpwLV]
☛ Spotify [https://spoti.fi/3JabADX]

➤ Hernán Suárez // Live Instruments
☛ Youtube [https://bit.ly/3vlhBYG]
☛ Instagram [https://bit.ly/3cGjlFn]

➤ Filmed & Produced by

Produced by Pronoia [https://bit.ly/3zDNzSs]
Directed by Günel Eva [https://bit.ly/3vllZa6]
Filmed at Delek in Tulum, Mexico [https://bit.ly/3JfT8K3]

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