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Garage dance beats intertwined with a funny voice.
ガレージ ダンスビートに、脳天気なヴォイスが絡む「GURI☆PERO」
Electro sounds and analog drums loop in polyrhythm.

– “Rolling Dragon”
With its creaturely rhythms built solely on drum beats chant in a circular.
ドラムビートのみで構築された、生き物のようなリズムが輪唱する「Rolling Dragon」

PIKO KAMON (音楽家 ドラマー ビートメイカー)

◎PIKO KAMON(Musician, Drummer, Beat Creater)

Born in 1957 in Osaka, Japan. He started playing drums at the age of 15 and formed a blues-rock 3-piece band. 1977 He formed the instrumental band “Cosmic Shoes”. 1983 He went to New York City by himself to experience the authentic of salsa, New York jazz and soul music.
Struck by the playing style of jazz drummer Elvin Jones, who was performing at the Village Vanguard at the time, he forcused on that the sound emitted from the percussion beat has an acidic effect of transforming consciousness by resonating with the skin, cells, bones, and mind, and pursued rhythms and grooves that make the body dance naturally and with pleasure.
1988 he joined the band “Chain Reaction” as a drummer, and formed a 4 piece band “Ne-Ko Punch” in 1992. 1996 he joined “Azumi & Za-baaaan”. With the band’s contract with a major label, he moved his base of operations to Tokyo. 1999 Formed a noise rock band “Wanira” and released the first album “Wanira Go”. 2004 Released solo album “recreation”, trackmaking with only AKAI MPC2000. 2006 Experimental music Unit “HEIBON JAZZ” was formed. Their music was used for the image sound of fashion brand DIESEL.
2006 he joined “RABIRABI”. He played more than 100 gigs in a year for 11 years, and created a trancy dance beat called “RABI la! Beat” with his rhythm partner NANA. They performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, Risingsun Rock Festival and other major music festivals in Japan, and also expanded overseas to the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Korea and Thailand.
2018 April, he has been begining to work on a DTM self-recorded for solo album.
◉Drums & Voice & Synth & Composition & Produced

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Mt. chills (

released December 4, 2020