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Genshikyo​-​幻​視​郷​- (CMR​-​35) by Harikuyamaku

These three song are written in Okinawan traditional scale. Okinawa is the southeast prefecture islands in Japan we live. We have a culture. Check my islands of peace, base, song, dance, keystone of pacific, pray, sharman, war …

Track 2 Mimura Udui is sung by Yukino Inamin. She is a singer and traditional instrument Sanshin player.
We arranged Okinawan very old song Mimura Udui “三村踊り” from age of Ryukyu Kingdom.

Harikuyamaku is Dub engineer / producer in Okinawa,Japan.
He remakes
Okinawa’n roots songs on riddims, and dub it by analogue.
He plays Bass,Synthesizer,and some ethnic instruments.

Produced By
Harikuyamaku ( )

Track.2 Feat feat. Yukino Inamine

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )

released October 2, 2020