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Forrível by Satanique Samba Trio

F O R R Í V E L – Halloween / Dia das Bruxas special

After 10 albums dedicated to the aesthetical disassembling of Brazilian music’s most recurrent clichés, Satanique Samba Trio aims its ongoing research at a new formula for musical fuckery: the artificial combination between forró, the popular Brazilian groovy rhythm and horror synth, the not-so-popular music genre extracted from old keyboard-ridden horror film scores.

Think of what would happen if the most syncopated of all Brazilian folk rhythms incorporated a bunch of obsolete-but-nowadays-trendy giallo soundtrack tropes.
Mathematically speaking, forró + horror synth = forrór synth. And that is where Forrível is coming from.

Well, enough of homework. It’s Halloween once again (or Dia das Bruxas – Witches Day, as we know it here) – and it’s raining in Brazil. As we are slowly descending into another global lockdown, here some soundtrack sounds for these dark times.

Brasilia, Brazil October 2020
released October 31, 2020

Conceived, written, produced and mixed by Munha da 7
Arranged by Satanique Samba Trio
Mastered by Jota Dale
Artwork by Lima Neto
Design by Eduardo Varela

Bass and keyboards – Munha da 7
Cavaco, guitars and keyboards – Jota Dale
Percussion and keyboards – Lupa Marques
Accordion, clarinet and bass clarinet – Sombrio da Silva
Guitars, viola caipira and fife – Ely Janoville