Flight Club №31 — Karma Schinken

Remember festivals? Yeah, those weird weekend campgrounds on a field or an old airport in the middle of nowhere. Living (not really sleeping) in a tent, exposed to wind and weather, beautiful people and sometimes way too loud sound systems. It’s been a while, right? And, with a few well-planned exceptions, they probably won’t be the usual summer getaways, lots of us are longing for. But surprise! We have a travel guide on hand, who knows where it’ll go down. Safely, risk-free and with chords and claps and snares and – oh – the piano melodies, just like back in the days. Karma Schinken rolls by in his purple convertible, house tunes blasting from his well tuned hi-fi and on the passenger seat lies a map with a big red cross on it. This might just be the weirdest treasure hunt you‘ve ever entered, but you can‘t say you‘re not intrigued! So throw your bag in the trunk, hop in the back and let your hair breeze in the wind.