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Cumbia Schleng Teng Fyah! by Solo Moderna

Cumbia Schleng Teng Fyah!
by Solo Moderna

Cumbia-Chiptune-Dancehall heads get ready!
Exclusive! This is not a remix!

Solo Moderna is coming strong and mad!

Multi instrumentalist Dutch producer Bas Voorn aka Solo Moderna, master of broken-sounding toys and possessed electronic puppets is bringing you this exclusive dancehall anthem banger on 7″; a digital cumbia chiptune homage to Jamaica at his very own unique freaked-out style.

Deep in his analog home studio in Tilburg, Netherlands, Solo is thoroughly tweaking his modular synths and euroracks to bring you the best of dance music, tropical analog madness style. No sampling here, but some genius takes on the original tracks, made on the original Casio vintage synths.

Digital versions of this double-sided delight will only be available here on Bandcamp.

Brace for impact! these ones will set any dance floor on fire!
released April 29, 2020