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Cosmofania (V​.​A​.​) by Shika Shika

Hard to believe it has been four years since the birth of Shika Shika with the release of Barrio Lindo’s Kayak Break EP. Four years of being able to release music we love, artists that inspire us and the power of borderless, cultural cross-pollination.

Yet we have reached a crucial crossroads where it is time for the collective to evolve and grow. We want to embrace a vision that tries to find the sweet spot between music & activism, be it cultural and social empowerment or environmental awareness.

Cosmofania (inspired by Cosmogony – the study of the beginning of the universe) embraces this new beginning but also new artists and new sounds for ys. A deep, exciting anf refreshing new beginning!

With this compilation we are presenting a selection of new names we’d never heard of until our open call, old friends we somehow haven’t already worked with and amazing established names. It is a selection of beautiful, music by 13 talented musicians and producers from all over the world – Canada to Indonesia, Egypt to Argentina. They are tied together by an approach to electronic folk music, rich organic soundscapes and a sonic freshness

featuring : Kousk (Canada) , Rumbo Tumba (Argentina), Eat my Butterfly (Reunion Island) Del Ritmo Vivo… more
released November 8, 2019

cover design Clau Smith