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Contenda​(​CMR​-​33) by Carrot Green

Produced By Carrot Green ( )

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )

One of Rio de Janeiro’s DJ scene highlights, Carrot Green brings his city’s musical traditions to the modern dancefloor. It is easy to find in his sets different styles such as Techno, Slo-House and Old Disco, making him a versatile artist that adapts to virtually any type of circumstance. As a Red Bull Music Academy’s alumni in 2013, he expresses his eclecticism not only with sets at parties, clubs and festivals such as Voodoohoop, Mamba Negra, ODD, Dekmantel, Katerblau, Wilden Renate and Mareh Festival, but as well in his musical productions – solo or in partnership with national and international artists like the electronic music group Teto Preto, Eric Duncan and Selvagem. Last but not least, he signs collaborations and productions for Disco Halal, Barefoot Beats, Mamba Records and other labels.

So don’t be surprised if you hear Carrot Green playing a mix of Acid House and Techno after a set by Marcel Dettman at 7AM or hypnotizing the dance floor with shamanic rhythms at 90 BPM for an audience in trance. This is the kind of unpredictability that will remind you of Carrot Green for a long time
released July 30, 2020