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Come In feat. Lady Smita by Schlachthofbronx

On their second single for 2020 titled “Come In”, Schlachthofbronx once again combine their decades long expertise in all things Dancehall, Reggae & Dub with their sensibility to write some surprise leftfield pop songs: Come In features Lady Smita from Copenhagen riding a ruff’n’tuff riddim on which she’s lyrically killing soundbois left, right and center with her trademark Digital Dancehall style.

Veterans in all spheres of hybrid bass and modern club styles alike, Jakob and Bene from Schlachthofbronx step away from the darker sides of club music for a minute and celebrate their roots in Dancehall with this tune – fresh, rough and stripped back to the essentials, this is a riddim handmade for classic Dancehall & Reggae nites (well, and rewinds!) all around the world. But far from being onedimensional, the track is also able to connect with the modern day uptempo / 160 bpm strain of club music with all its double time elements and hints from Footwork to fast paced Steppers Dub & Jungle.

The featured Lady Smita is hailing from Copenhagen, where a hyperactive Digital Dancehall scene carved out a fascinating place for themselves in the middle of Danish pop culture, with tunes topping the nationwide charts regularly since years. Coming up with scene stalwarts Firehouse Sound, Lady Smita made a name for… more
released April 17, 2020