Catleya (Bogota Sessions) by KRAK IN DUB

Jungle master Krak In Dub’s new album Catleya is a vibrant hommage to Colombia and its incredibly diverse musical culture. Entirely recorded in Bogotá with the who’s who of today’s Colombian music scene, the album casts a brand new light on the fusion of beats and Latin-American traditional rhythms and instruments, blending reggae, hip-hop, breaks and house with cumbia , afrobeat, ska, and bullerengue.
Standing out on this sun-soaked yet heavy-on-the-beats-and-bass adventure is the appearance of female modern folk trio La Perla, the Afro-Colombian combo Absalon & Afropacifico, and Bermudian singer Troy Berkley.
releases May 21, 2021

Horns on A2, B4 : Marco Fajardo, Carlos Tabares, Luis Alejandro Luque
Clarinet on A2, A5, B3 : Andres Felipe Molina
Percussion on A4, A5, B3, B5 : Richie Arnedo –
Gaïta on B1, B3, percussion on B3 : Damian Bossio

Absalon & Afropacífico are: Absalón Sinisterra, Javier Patricio Bonilla, César Alberto Márquinez, John Sebastián Torres
La Perla are: Diana Sanmiguel, Giovanna Mogollón, Karen Forero

All tracks composed and mixed by Federico Trujillo aka Krak in Dub
except B2 composed by Absalón Sinisterra
Recorded by Federico Arbelaez y David Páez at Panoramica Studios, Bogotá, Colombia
Lacquers cut by Simon Davey @ The Exchange Vinyl – London, UK

Photo by Kata Garcés
Artwork by Yoda
Copyright Galletas Calientes Records 2021
Publishing Krak in Dub 2021

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