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by Sala 60 Psychedelia

by Sala 60 Psychedelia

Beyond the Sea, Arround the Sun
Connecting roots between people and cultures, with the mystique of the forest and music medicine, its ambience of enchantments connecting with xamanism sound, language characteristics of this ethnic multicultural representation.
Explorating figures in expansion conscience and ways healing inside music.
The Set have a Rhythmic dancing induction through world music, symbologies that integrates and all unifies.

Beyond the Sea, Arround the Sun

Sala 60 Psychedelia

The Sala 60 Psychedelia project, dj and Brazilian cultural producer,
from Chapada Diamantina-Bahia, Dalney Geovenazhi, brings with him and in
his musical research, ethnic and historical, urban and ancestral representation of
determined people or place, assigning ideals of unification and understanding
through medicine music (Chillout / downtempo). Their creations are based on their roots,
with African music in its construction, as an influence, the psychedelia of the 60s/70s
its movement of musical and political-social immersion,the multiplicity
of Brazilian music and its ancestry,referring to their
ancestral conscience and extolling their spiritual attributions.

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