Bow to the People by Theatre West (Pre-order)

Strut presents one of the most in-demand and significant albums from the archives of Jimmy Gray’s Black Fire Records, ‘Bow To The People’ (1976) by theatre collective Theatre West, based out of Dayton, Ohio. Founder Clarence Young III had been a Vietnam Vet in the US Air Force and was part of a theatrical troupe entertaining soldiers in 15 countries. When he returned home in 1969, he started a theatre company in Dayton as an outlet for inner city youth to come together and express themselves. Young became widely respected as a playwright and 1971 was a breakthrough year as he received national accolades for his off-Broadway plays Perry’s Mission and The System, portraying black lives in America as life in a penitentiary. At its height, Theatre West involved around 27 members. “Everybody played everything and did everything,” recalls bassist Sigmond Dillard. “We all had to sing, dance and act all the time. If someone messed up, you came in. It was a tight unit and we were constantly helping each other out.” “There were so many talented and gifted people in our troupe,” continues Dillard. “Rita Brown went on to New York, starring in the film Disco Godfather during the late ‘70s. Bruce… more credits releases July 2, 2021 2021, Strut Records – a division of K7 Music GmbH Musical Director: Delbert Taylor Produced by Clarence Young III and Jimmy Gray for Black Fire Music Engineered by Jim Watkins and Jimmy Gray Recorded at Arrest Recording Studio, Washington DC Clarence Young III: Vocals, Piano Sigmond Dillard: Electric Bass Sam Carter: Drums Delbert Taylor: Trumpet, Piano, Vocals Herbert Nelson: Alto Saxophone Ben Wilson: Vibraphone Bruce Anthoney Davis, Carl Payne, Bobby Collins, Beneda Brown: Vocals Original cover artwork by Artie