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Botanas: Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra by Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra

We are honoured to present a very special and very beautiful Botanas from the hand of Ecuadorian producers Nicola Cruz and Pancho Piedra.

Campo Triste’ is inspired by the famous Ecuadorian song “La Bocina”, in this case with a sample from a version sung by Soledad Morales, a blind singer from Sigsig, a small town in the province of Azuay. It wasn’t a surprise for Nicola to discover that Pancho Piedra, a fellow Ecuadorian producer living in Cuenca, was working on a reinterpretation of the song. Everything made sense – Piedra belonging to a generation that is dedicated to treasuring and transmitting musical gems from the vaults of the city’s “Radio Tomebamba”.

In this way the story of the Piedra family continues, holding in their hands these old records that tell, with nostalgia, the history of Ecuador, led at the time by don Polibio Mayorga’s arrangements.

While this is undoubtedly a modern tribute, it also captures and revives this nostalgic piece of musical longing from another time.

This Botanas also features three precious remixes from fellow Ecuadorian Quixosis, Mexico’s Jiony and Chile’s Rodrigo Gallardo.
released February 2, 2018

Sample original: Soledad Morales – La Bocina