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Batukizer • Mexe-Mexe Mixtape 100% Vinyl Set • Le Mellotron

Here’s the first Mexe-Mexe mixtape from Batukizer.
Batukizer are Carla from Rio and Rasmus from Copenhagen – known before as Epic Vinyls from Brazil.

Batukizer are on a mission to research and present rare and percussive Brazilian music to the world through vinyl mixes, radio shows, parties and festivals.

For this session, Batukizer went to the workshop of Copenhagen wood recycler and worldwide troll builder @Thomasdambo – he’s an incredible artist working with recycled wood.

Read about Thomas Dambo’s big wooden sculptures here:

This mix is summertime magic, Batukizer went deep digging during lockdown. Here we have Brazilian disco, axe music, boogie, lambada and carimbó. Some true Brazilian party music from all over the country and 3 decades. It’s time to let yourself loose to music you never knew existed.

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Diffusé le 18 septembre 2021 et enregistré le 9 avril 2021.
Broadcasted on September 18, 2021 and recorded april 9, 2021.


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