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Bailame Cerquita by Nurrydog ft. Dromedarios Mégicos

Monterrey producer and DJ Nurrydog presents Báilame Cerquita, a collaborative dance track with Chihuahuan folk singer Dromedarios Mágicos, mixing sincere poetics with an electronic beat that’s culturally nostalgic yet undefinable.

Diego Puerta, who‘s gained wide notoriety in the Mexican indie scene as Dromedarios Mágicos, tells the bittersweet story of a man meeting a woman: how the night sounded, how he saw her from afar, how she raised the temperature of everyone who saw her dance, how what they had was pure fire already lit. Celebrated for his everyman likeability and a certain subdued charisma, Puerta gives life to the voice of the song like a man who’s telling a true personal story, reminding the woman of what they once shared.

Hugo de León, known for intermingling Latin rhythms to build genre-challenging tracks under the moniker Nurrydog, takes a sad minor progression and drives it with electronic marimba, a crowd of toms, white noise, and vocal tones, creating a landscape of both quiet intimacy and boisterous incitement. Meanwhile he carries the listener through a night of lonely accordion, contemplative slow-building straight beats, and hard and lush cumbia to portray a cinematic experience of thrill and passion while capturing the loneliness of seduction that doesn’t last.

With Báilame Cerquita, Nurrydog and Dromedarios Mágicos have created a rare track, one that speaks to the truly personal experience of finding romance and allure at the dance party.
released February 1, 2019