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Astro by Mateo Kingman


Mateo Kingman conceives of his second album Astro as a cure for the healthy. It’s a journey across the constellation of the snake, a journey at once earthly and cosmic. The poetic text expressed with a multiplicity of vocal timbres drives the musical journey, starting with the decision to face up to our demons, passing through a deep sense of vertigo and sacred healings, to return us to ourselves, reconciled and grateful.

Musically, Astro expresses an intense investigation, tying together different threads: contemporary urban song (trap, hip hop, and elements of electronic music), traditional Latin American melodies influenced by shamanic icaro chants, and the emphasis on synthesizers, resulting in a new, hypnotic kind of sound.

The journey begins with “Umbral”, its introduction reminiscent of a prayer, a representation of the moment when we understand we need help. With each song we go further into the meaning of this introspective journey. “Puerta de Sal” is an invitation to let ourselves go, embrace the absence of control and take a leap of faith into the unknown. “Último Aliento”, made in collaboration with Gustavo Santaolalla, speaks of the acceptance of death as an indispensable… more
released July 26, 2019

Music composed, arranged and recorded by Mateo Kingman and Ivis Flies in Quito, Ecuador, except for “Lucero” which contains an adaptation of “Tonada de Ordeño”, from Antonio Estévez. In honor of Simón Díaz.

Collaborations by Gustavo Santaolalla, voice, ronrocos and bass in “Último Aliento”; Toño Cepeda, arrangements in “Último Aliento”; Andrés Benavides, bombo tradicional, vocal sampling in “Religar” and hi hat in “Puerta de sal”; Daniel Pasquel, synths design in “Astro”; Ernesto Karolys, synths design in “Umbral”; Isaac Zeas, guitar in “Último aliento” and “Lucero”; Jesús Bonilla, harp in “Tejidos”; Diego Alberto Martinez, arrangements in “Umbral”; Martin Flies, hi hat programming in “Religar”; Nicolás Dávila, kick replacement and sub low bass in “Religar”.

Recorded by Ivis Flies; additional recordings by Daniel Pasquel, Renato Arias, Omar Miranda; Daniel Amores, production assistant; Remy Laurençon, Mix; Antoine “Chab” Chabert Mastering

Executive Production: Alvaro Almeida.

Art: Panic Study; Concept: Maria Emilia Jaramillo & Mateo Kingman.

Copyright AYA Records 2019

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