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Animals of the Earth vol​.​2 (V​.​A) by Cosmovision Records

Our generation has taken many causes but the most important cause is sometimes forgotten and that’s our planet’s ecosystem. Today our planet still waits urgently for our action and with the latest events, Mother Earth itself is screaming to humanity to slow down and reconnect with her in a spiritual way.

Modern societies have been treating Mother Earth as if it was their property; extracting resources, polluting constantly, changing the landscape, killing the other animals and destroying its natural balance.

Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has killed 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants of the Earth. Two hundred species of living beings are going extinct every single day. We collectively need to change so many things in areas such as the use of plastic, meat consumption, contaminating energies, day to day overconsumption and more. How can artists raise awareness regarding this?

Thinking on how to be simple but at the same time Universal, Cosmovision Records presents ¨Animals of the Earth¨. For this project we have gathered to co-create an ecosystem that lives in a music album. Producers from many places on Earth explored their connections with our animal cousins, remembering that the… more
released August 21, 2020