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Angústia Nos Corações Da Tia by Tia Maria Produções

Tia Maria Produções was set to premiere as a full group performing at Le Guess Who? festival, in Utrecht, last weekend. It turned out not to be so as the Dutch government announced a new partial lockdown starting on Saturday, which left the festival with no choice but to cancel their show. Devastated but not broken, the collective of Lisbon-based Bboy, Danifox, Poco and Márcio came together virtually with Paris bound Lycox and decided to commit to creating a new EP within the same time frame they would otherwise have spent on the road for the LGW event. A sort of artistic > therapeutic residency of circa 48 hours. For themselves, and for the multiple fans that were planning to attend the special occasion and started pouring their hurt via DM to the group. ‘Angústia nos corações da tia’ is firm and forward, beaming and sharing an admirable regenerative strength that friendship and imagination never fail to deliver.

released November 15, 2021

Written and produced by DJ B.Boy, DJ Danifox, DJ Lycox, DJ Poco and Puto Márcio
Artwork by Márcio Matos

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