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Albura Remixed by Barrio Lindo

After a long wait we are really happy to share Albura Remixed. This is the first time Barrio Lindo has released a remix album of his original music and for this special occasion invited a group of talented fellow producers, and friends, to interpret, reinterpret, deconstruct or reconstruct the tracks from Albura.

That result is a deep journey into the Albura universe with each of the 12 versions giving a whole new life to the original music.

A special thanks to El Búho, SidiRum, Barda, Jin Yerei, Quixosis, Chancha Vía Circuito, Matanza, M, Rux, GrOund, Lagartijeando, Nicola Cruz, Kraut & Spaniol for taking on the task and doing justice to the originals.

Barrio Lindo & the Shika Shika family
released July 27, 2018

Artwork remix: Hernán Sansone (

Mastering: Rob Small