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Akati EP by Rami Imam

connected look to Melbourne talent Rami Imam for immersive
organic house sounds on his Akati EP.

Rami Imam has risen up through the ranks from local star to
international talent over the last few years. With every release,
he serves up a melodic odyssey with soothing tones, deep
grooves and powerful sound design. He has released through
the likes of Bibliotheque, Street Tracks and Upon Access and
now brings more dynamic sounds and ethereal moods on his
connected debut.

The sublime ‘Akati’ soon enchants with its organic house
grooves and wooden percussive hits. Choral vocals light up
the airwaves with real soul as the majestic synths bring
poignancy to this deep roller. On ‘Dune Kids’, the beats are
broken up and take you on a ride through space next to lush
chords laden with melancholy. More delicate piano keys and
whispered vocals are underpinned with a soft, subtle acid line
to make for a tune that builds to a peak full of rejoice. Stylish
closer ‘Kora’ provides more soft but moving drums and
melodies, wispy synth motifs and serene vocals. It’s packed
with the sort of emotion that will make it stand out in any

released December 2, 2022

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