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Acido Pantera • DJ Set from Bogota • Le Mellotron

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ÁCIDO PANTERA started as music producer duo born in Bogota, Colombia, in 2013 when Juan Por Dios and Diego Veira got involved with local rhythms and synthesizers, their passion started evolving until they created their first EP (as La Tostadora) called “Rayacoco Bailador”, which had great acceptance in between electro music lovers and festivals.

One year later as the project evolved and began developing new tracks in studio, they released their second EP called “Caciques Del Rave” which had a radio hit in Colombia called “Vida Bacana”, this EP opened the doors of two well known festivals in latin america Estereo Picnic (Colombia) and Vive Latino (México), colombian electronic culture started to recognize them. Soon they won the Best Electronic Producer award by Subterranica and Best Live Performance by CEC Awards. After these achievemens the began to experiment and reasearch for new sound in the studio. Soon they compesed their first studio album and third realease, called Raiz Digital. The next step on the project’s career that involved also the a brand new name, the shifted to “Acido Pantera”. This album recalls the musical roots of different folk musicians, invited as guests, whom in a period of 12 hours, composed a song all together, basing the experiences on the national sounds. They are currently starting the promotion of their first single of this brand new album called “Marimba Tambo” and started touring around America, visiting countries like Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and one important festival in Chicago called Ruido Fest.

During the last years, Ácido Pantera has been producing and touring, performing at great festivals around the world, including: Estereo Picnic, Bogotá (CO), Ruido Fest, Chicago (US); Sziget Festival, Budapest (HU); Pal Norte, Monterrey (MX), Machaca Fest, Monterry (MX), Antiliaanse Festeen, Hoogstraten (BEL) Zona Mundi, Salvador Bahia (BR), Ariano Folk Festival, Ariano (IT), and more. Now they are producing their new album, while they keep releasing music, beats and been part of song camps with artist around the world. Ácido Pantera has a powerful live set fusing Colombian sounds such as Gatias, traditional percussion instruments mixed with drum machines, synthesizers, and Spanish vocals to create original Colombian acid tropical beats.


Diffusé le 5 juillet 2020.
Broadcasted on July 5th 2020.


Acido Pantera

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