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「風土」Fu​-​do (CMR​-​30) by Nao Kodama, Ground

※”Fu-do” means the spiritual features represented by lands, nature, songs and culture in general proper to a specific region or country and the people who are living there.


These mountains belong to you.
These songs belong to you.
No matter how perfectly I imitate your gesture,
I cannot imitate your cultural and spiritual background.
That is the cultural climate specific to your country.

The wind here belongs to you.
The land here belongs to you.
No matter how clever tricks I use,
I cannot imitate your cultural and spiritual background.
That is the cultural climate specific to your country.

Translated in English by Shin Ogasawara




どんなにそれらしくふるまっても… more
released June 5, 2020

Vocal & lyrics & Composition & Guitar by Nao Kodama (

Bass by wataru iga

Vocal recording by Naoyuki Uchida

Produced by Ground (

Mastered By
Kabamix -LMD Sound Design
( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )

(Nao Kodama) Biography

In 2005, formed an acoustic unit “YoLeYoLe” consist of guitar and mandolin. Based in Shonan, Kanagawa, they performed many live concert tours such as the outdoor events and the cafes at many places and gained popularity.

In 2009, she released 1st Solo Album “MAKER” and In 2010, 2nd Album “SPARK”. Released the cover album “Family Songs” as “Nao Kodama and Takuji Aoyagi” in July 2011. The mini album “MAGIC HOUR” that produced by Ryo Nagano (APOGEE) released only at the concert venue and Tuff Beats online shop in April 2013.
In 2014, YoLeYoLe, which had been rest, was restarted and released the 2nd Studio Album “Kobune” in 2015.
In April 2019, release a new album “IN YOUR BOX” by self-produce since 9years and hold the album release tours.

Recently focusing on solo activities, has appeared in many famous festivals and the events such as “Fuji Rock Festival” and “Itadaki”. Also participate as a part in chorus in HANAREGUMI’s 5th Album “Oasis” , as a featuring vocal in Tomita Labo’s 4th Album “Joyous”. So many co-stars with talented musicians and also very active in singing TV-CM songs.

Released in December 2019 with Kan Sano’s single “SetogiwanoMarmalade / SUIMENKA Destiny”, and in February 2020 the single will be a limited 7 inch.

16歳の時、Carole Kingの「Tapestry」を聴いて衝撃を受け歌い始める。

2005年唄とマンドリン、ギターからなるアコースティック・ユニット ”YoLeYoLe”を結成。湘南を拠点に全国の野外イベントやカフェ等数多くのライブツアーを行い、各地で人気を得る。

2009年1st Solo Album『MAKER』 を、2010年2nd Album『SPARK』をリリース。2011年7月 “児玉奈央と青柳拓次” 名義で、カバーアルバム『Family Songs』を発売。
2013年4月永野亮プロデュースによるミニアルバム『MAGIC HOUR』をライブ会場とオンラインショップ限定でリリース。

2019年4月、セルフプロデュースによる9年振りのニューアルバム『IN YOUR BOX』をリリースし、アルバムリリースツアーを開催。

2019年12月Kan Sanoとの共作シングル「瀬戸際のマーマレード / SUIMENKA Destiny」を配信でリリース、2020年2月同シングルを限定7inchでアナログ化。

現在はソロでの活動を中心に「Fuji Rock Festival」「頂」などの野外フェスやイベントに多数出演。TV-CMソングの歌唱でも活躍中。心地良く柔らかいながらも、時に力強い唄は人の心にまっすぐ届く。印象的なその唄声に魅了されるファンが多い。
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