Yabiru – Espaço​/​Tempo (TTR072) by Yabiru

Our latest and last release of 2020 comes from the talented wizard Yuri Souza, aka Yabiru. Presenting his new EP “Space/Time”, he composed two grooved psychedelic-infused original tracks for us, and we made sure to get two amazing remixers to add even more twist. Guaraci and Meraki brought their own touch of creativity to the team.

Yabiru is the mixture of textures and rhythms, atmospheres and talkative beats, which connect us through time, the rhythm of events.
The voice, an instrument of expression, a psychedelic tool. From the Greek, psykhe (‘mind’, ‘soul’) + delóo (‘show’, ‘reveal’, ‘manifest’).
Sound, an invisible magical blow, manifests itself filling the gaps in space. Pushing the air that induces the connected souls to movement. Continuous, in pursuit of the upward spiral.
Art connects us all

Make sure you follow him around the internet:
soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/yabiru
spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/6f0tseHeDsNbz5XrIPn5A1
bandcamp: yabiru.bandcamp.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/yabirumusic
instagram: www.instagram.com/yabiru… more
released December 23, 2020

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