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SHNG122 P A N​-​The Bedouin Way EP by P A N

Al-Bedol is small Bedouin tribe whose members reside in two locations in South Jordan: in and around the ancient city of Petra, and in the region of Humayama. The subtribes of Bedul are al-Fugara, al-Judelat and al-Muwasa with the last further divided into al-Jamada and al-Samahin. The tribe has been mostly pastoral, although they have also practiced seasonal farming. Due to their economy, they have not been very mobile. The seasonal migration was described by Canaan: In the winter season they spend between two and three months in the caves of Petra; in the spring they encamp around the wadis, while the summer is spent at the tops of the high mountains of Petra or on one of the surrounding ridges. The tribe had the distinctive habit of using the ancient rock-cut tombs of Petra as their homes. The caves provided them shelter and cover during the cool winter months when they stayed in Petra. The economy was based almost exclusively on herding goats and few camels. P A N can guide you to the love of Petra. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These two tracks can teach you the Bedouin way. MI.LA, Nandao, Elias Fassos & Risk (GR), Migra & Chalanga are taking a rest in the oasis of delusion!
released May 8, 2021