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Aficion means passion. An aficionado is one who is passionate about the true meaning of life. All the good aficionados stayed at Daksina’s hotel; that is, those with aficion stayed there. The commercial aficionados stayed once, perhaps, and then did not come back. The good ones came each year. In Daksina’s room were their photographs. The photographs were dedicated to the God of passion. The photographs of aficionados Daksina had really believed in were framed. Photographs of people who had been without aficion Daksina kept in a drawer of his desk. They often had the most flattering inscriptions. But they did not mean anything. One day Daksina took them all out and dropped them in the waste-basket. He did not want them around. We often talked about passion and aficionados. I had stopped at the Daksina for several years. We never talked for very long at a time. It was simply the pleasure of discovering what we each felt. Men would come in from distant towns and before they left town stop and talk for a few minutes with Daksina about passion. These men were aficionados. Those who were aficionados could always get rooms even when the hotel was full. Jack Essek is always getting a room at Daksina. This is his fourth offering for Shango Records. These four tracks can tell you stories and prayers about passion and how to get it as simply as possible.
released April 16, 2021