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Having watched the ascending Moon until he had reached his place in the sky, Bateta and Harma rose and travelled on by the beautiful light which he gave them, until they came to a very large tree that had fallen. The thickness of the prostrate trunk was about twice their height. At the greater end of it there was a hole, into which they could walk without bending. Feeling a desire for sleep, Bateta laid his fire down outside near the hollowed entrance, cut np dry fuel, and his Avife piled it on the fire, while the flames grew brighter and lit the interior. Bateta took Hanna by the hand and entered within the tree, and the two lay down together. But presently both complained of the hardness of their bed, and Bateta, after pondering awhile, rose, and going out, plucked some fresh large leaves of a plant that grew near the fallen tree, and returned laden with it. He spread it about thickly, and Hanna rolled herself on it, and laughed gleefully as she said to Bateta that it was soft and smooth and nice ; and opening her arms, she cried, “Come, Bateta, and rest by my side.” . Boubouteq fell asleep deep in the jungle of Nigeria and wake up days later with a lion by his side and “Moeder Aarde” in the daylight. This is the new Shango Records single and it will make you thirst for exotic nectars.

released December 6, 2019