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SHNG067 / ELPECHE​-​A​.​MANHÃ EP by ElPeche

THEY HAD SPENT the morning at the Prado and now were sitting at a place in a building with thick stone waIls. It was cool and very old. There were wine casks around the walls. The tables
were old and thick and the chairs were worn. The light came from the door, The waiter brought them glasses of mazanilla from the lowland near Cadiz called the Marismas with thin slices of jamon serrano, a smoky, hard cured ham from pigs that fed on acorns, and bright red spicy salchichon, another even spicier dark sausage from a town called Vich and anchovies and garlic olives. They ate these and drank more of the manzanilla, which was light and nutty tasting. Catherine had a Spanish-English Method book with a green cover on the table close to her hand and David had a stack of the morning papers. It was a hot day but coo’l in the old building and the waiter asked, “Do you want gazpacho?” He was an old man and he filled their glasses again. “Do you think the senorita would like it?” “Try her,” the waiter said gravely as though he were speaking of a mare. The new Shango Records EP come by Brasilian music wizard ElPeche and contains five amazing Brasilian-Electronica tracks that can simply make think of how beautiful life, time and love is.

released October 11, 2019