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Ritual |Mix| by Andy Loop ● Bomba Estereo ● Lagartijenado ● Kraut

Global Electronics is the music proposal by DJ Andy Loop. Besides being regarded as one of the legendary DJs in the Barcelona´s Global Beat Scene. Andy Loop fusions urban sounds, electronic-like: House, Tech, Deep, Slow with “World” or “Folk” music.
He is a DJ, music producer and creator of ¨ETHNO ROOM¨ sessions. His DJ work is also featured at ¨Canibal¨ sessions in ¨Sala Apolo¨ among many other clubs and festivals around the world. His career started in the end of the 90’s in the underground scene of Berlin, being a member of the legendary Freitag Bar in the German capital. In 2004, Andy collaborated with Wagner Pa to co-found ¨Brazelona Sessions¨ at Sidecar Club, bringing together a musical revolution to their magical Tuesdays. In 2010, he participated in ¨Turntables on the Ramblas¨ next to many renowned DJS including Nickodemus from New York City, filling the recently opened club Ocaña of the famous Plaza Real in Barcelona. Andy has also produced some remixes with great artists including La Troba Kung-Fu, Novalima from Peru, Lumbalú from Colombia, and also has collaborated with DJ Tillo (DMC of Macaco and Orishas) inside the dj`s team GLOBAL DUO.
Today, he makes the streets of Barcelona vibrate again with his ETHNO ROOM parties, where he mixes dj sets together with live musicians… a too-good-to-miss event if you enjoy dancing the night away and burning the dance floor!