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MUX vol​​.​​4 [b] by VA

In December 2018, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) turns 70. Designed to prevent the repetition of the horrific human rights violations that had been committed during World War II, this landmark document has been ratified by the majority of countries. Up to now it seems that the UDHR has fallen on hard times; that’s certainly not perfect, and somehow it is important to point out that emphasises individualism over community. Don’t deceive yourself, UDHR remains as significant today as it was in 1948. However, reflection becomes easier when we realize that the saddest chapters of human history are ultimately derived from the ideology of domination.

Given its unique rational nature, only the individual is able to use reason to perform an act. Going further, we should understand why our interests often prevail to the detriment of the interests of other species. In fact, if we exam closely, we’re always reclaiming the world as our own. Sometimes it made us drift from a tender-hearted logic.

Hovering over these aspects, the compilation MUX in its fourth edition put us through the wringer! Have you ever noticed or had the feeling that social solidarity is more and more undermined? The drama of the modern individual which causes individuals to become commodities of exchange such as capital goods. It resumes every morning, but always with the decentralized, crooked, fragmenting self. In contrast, even though we still do not have a fair and peaceful world, we have to believe that there will be regeneration. There’s a smell of good years coming, our hopes are placed in some future ahead. We want to believe.

Beyond this duality, under two parts – [a] & [b] – MUX vol.4 put together a wide spectrum of artists that prepared tracks with a semblance of freedom, faith, dignity. Undoubtedly, an “ethereal, humanoid and dancing” facet guides this sonic miscellany, where judgements of value aren’t fit and nothing feels the same as it did. It call us to take our emptiness away, to eradicate the dark selfishness that still inhabits our hearts.

In the endeavor of progress we are beings in constant evolution, without the knowledge of ourselves there is no inner transformation. <3 released December 17, 2018 Artwork\ jnth <3 Master\ André Torres @ RD Studio, Brasília - DF <3