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Isla Edits Vol​.​3 by Fértil Discos

A new year, a new Isla Festival, a new compilation of pirate songs!
As it has been happening for the past 5 years, this December we will gather in the Tigre delta, and in order to celebrate this, we are happy to introduce the latest version of these not-editable edits, the ones that are not meant to be published but we all love. This time, together with an original bonus track by CKCK (Rosario) we have Peruvian chicha, murgaton, ndie rock turned into reggaeton, and classics like Nick Drake or Arca -completely transformed.
We hope you will enjoy it, and come to dance and celebrate with us.

ISLA FESTIVAL 6,7,8 de diciembre de 2019, Delta del Tigre, Buenos Aires.
released December 3, 2019