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High Protection ft Emma​-​Jean Thackray by ThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS

“You’re not ready for the raucous of the Sportswear Mystics”
Emma-Jean Thackray

Footstamp kicks, out of tune guitar and OP-1 noodles, and the amazing Emma Jean Thackray ups the Don Cherry-ness with trademark spacey trumpet – heavy on the FX. I’m going to need some high protection, the money men are polluting upstream. Control through division and chaos… Protect your neck… I’m going to need some high protection.

So I said: “High protection, you know, human evolution we carry inside us, or are we appropriating nature?”
And he said: “Right… whatever” and filmed his mates on phones and scooters, so I added some shots of trees.
released September 23, 2020