[GHR24] Music For Humans Vol​.​2 by Various

MUSIC FOR HUMANS VOL.2 (Fundraising compilation)

Compiled & Mixed by Thōm Joūqua for Global hybrid Records

At a time when the medias are talking about nothingelse than Covid 19, at a time when most occidental countries are fighting against a mondial virus, but also watching for a sick system and a poisonous economy falling down, those western countries are still helping dictatorship and humanity murders while not helping people at all. We want to escape from this horror actualities with music for a while, and doing it helping as we can : founding the UNHCR ONG for refugees camp in Syria with this compilation.

Artists on the project //
TurnWater soundcloud.com/turn-water
Di Laif soundcloud.com/dilaif
Alex Doering soundcloud.com/alexdoering
Saudad soundcloud.com/saudadmusic
Moonanga & Kyem soundcloud.com/moonanga & soundcloud.com/dj-kyem-nosystem
Skuomachine soundcloud.com/skuomachine
Hentopan soundcloud.com/hentopan108
Thom Jouqua soundcloud.com/dathomscat
Kaalma soundcloud.com/kaalma
released March 21, 2021

Compiled by Thom Jouqua for Global Hybrid Records soundcloud.com/dathomscat
Mastered by Global Hybrid Rec. contact.globalhybrid@gmail.com
Cover & ArtWork by Tôhm thom.santuario@gmail.com // www.instagram.com/thom.tohm/

Global Hybrid Records //

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