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Flight Club №34 — Isabeau Fort

Drip. Drip. Drop.

The sweat is running down your neck.
Your melon popsicle is doing the same on the inside.
But somehow the temperature keeps rising, leaving you stuck in slow motion.

Dip. Dip. Hop.

The pool is just lying there. Waiting for you to take into its cool, wet arms.
But you are shy. It’s been a while since you last swam a round.
There is no way around it, take the jump into the deep end.

Slip. Slip. Plop.

Good thing lifeguard Isabeau Fort always keeps an eye out for you.
For a second there it looked like you’d fall on your back.
Better take it slow on the wet floor.

(@lautundluise | && Booking)

Photo credits: @deinBollek