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Elements of These Lands (V​.​A​.​) by Cosmovision Records

ENGLISH (español abajo)
Story of us and the ¨Elements of These Lands¨

We started as a group of music producers in Montréal, immigrants from Latin America, Europe and friends from Canada, we wanted to reinterpret the elements of this land, from North America such as: nature, native cultures, artistic forms and others. This woke a great interest from artists from all over the world, thing that finally lead to our compilation ¨Element of These Lands¨, in plural, adding a big tribe of friends from all over the world which today are part of our artistic essence, a multi cultural collective.

Our proposal is to make music that evokes respect and consciousness about nature, which understand our cultural differences as a great value for us. We look to go beyond the act of pushing buttons to create digital music, on the other side, we want to inspire ourselves as a collective and invite to reflect about the elements of our land, elements that sometimes western culture forgets, but through art we can analyze, reinterpret and value.

Our first compilation has cultural influences from: Canada, Mexico, France, Chile, Turkey, Belgium, Colombia, Lebanon, Switzerland, Italy and… more
released February 19, 2019

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